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How soon can my Care Service start?

Our service can often commence within 48 hours of your initial enquiry. Upon receiving your enquiry we will arrange for an Assessor to visit you in your home and carry out a full assessment of your Care requirements and a risk assessment to ensure your safety. A personalised Care plan will be produced for you, which we will finalise with you and your family, making sure that you are happy with every aspect. We will select a Domiciliary Care Worker to provide your Care based on your needs, personality and preferences. We understand that in a crisis situation you need us to react quickly to allow a Care package to start immediately. In such circumstances we will simplify our service delivery process and carry out an immediate assessment in order to facilitate a faster response.

Can you support me for only a short amount of time each day?

Our minimum duration of visit depends on your Care requirements and where you are located. Should you require short visits, please contact a member of our Care Team who will be able to advise how we are able to help you.

Can you provide the Care that I need and meet my personal preferences?

Yes! We work differently to other agencies in that our Care Workers will work with only a few customers. This means they are focused on you and have your wellbeing at the front of all they do. We are not task-driven but work to your requirements every day, which means if you decide you would like a change we are flexible enough to support you.

Can your Care Worker help me with my pets?

If you do require help with looking after your pets, we will do our utmost to match you with a Care Worker who feels comfortable doing so.

How will you and your Staff respect my privacy and dignity?

We have very strict rules about Personal and sensitive information and will never disclose data without your express permission. Our Care Workers have had thorough training in providing Homecare and we all understand how to support your privacy and dignity.

Have you cared for someone with similar needs to mine?

Almost certainly, but we remember that everyone has unique needs. We have a depth of experience in working with people who have lived active lives as well as people who have long-term health conditions.

How will you match the most suitable Carer for my needs?

Our Care Workers undergo an extensive Interview and Induction process that lasts three days. During this time, we come to know them very well and understand their likes and preferences, hobbies and interests. We use this knowledge and the information you provide during your initial consultation with a member of our Care Management team, to provide the most suitable person to work with you.

Would it be the same Carers every time?

Yes! where possible allowing for sickness and holidays, your Care Workers are assigned to you for as long as you would like. In event of absences, a second Care Worker may be introduced but you will always know who is arriving!

Can I meet my Carer(s) before they start working with me?

Where possible all of our Care Workers are personally introduced to you by the Care Manager or a member of the Management team, and will spend time getting to know you prior to visiting you.

What are your recruiting procedures?

Our Care Workers are required to provide two references before attending our three day Induction process. They are required to have a current DBS check and be prepared to update their skills regularly.

Are you required to Register with a statutory regulator and if so, are you currently registered?

Yes. We are registered with the Care Quality Commission (CQC), the statutory regulator for Health and Care organisations in the UK, who inspect us to ensure the Care we provide is safe, appropriate and effective. All Homecare agencies that provide Personal Care (washing, dressing etc) are required to register with the CQC. You can view our latest inspection report on our website.

Is your organisation insured in order to protect my safety and interests?

Yes. We hold ₤ 1,000,000 liability insurance for our customers as well as our employees.

Do you have a standard contract that I can read before signing?

Yes. Once our Care Manager or a member of the Management team has visited you to assess your requirements, you are welcome to peruse the contract whilst the Care Assessment is carried out.

Can I contact your company during the day, outside office hours and in an emergency?

Yes. In emergencies we can be contacted around the clock. If your call is non-urgent, we ask you to contact us between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday, we do however understand this isn't always possible.

What charges, if any, will I be expected to pay?

Our charges are clearly laid out in our Rates Sheet (please ask for a copy) and detail the hourly charge for your service. The only additional charge you might incur is if there are additional duties outside of your agreed Care Plan.

What payment methods are available (cheque, direct debit etc)?

We have Direct Debit facilities if you wish, or you can pay by BACS (direct bank transfer), or Cheque.

Is there a minimum charge if I only need a small amount of Care?

Yes there is; our minimum charge is equivalent to just one hour of Care per week.