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Although Care in the home is not free, to help you carry on living independently, individuals with limited means may be able to claim financial support through their Local Authority.

To give each customer flexibility, choice and control in the way they are supported, Anyone who is eligible for Local Authority funded Care, can choose to have direct payments and personal budgets. X-Spect Care & Attention can advise on where this help is available.

What contribution will you need to pay towards Care?

The threshold after which you will have to pay for your Care in full is ₤ 23,250 if you live in England. If your assets exceed this amount, which includes investments and most savings, your local authority will consider you able to fully fund your own Care.

For Care within your own home, it is important to remember that the value of your property will not be taken into account.

A Financial Assessment can be carried out to see if you qualify for help towards your Care costs by asking your local council. This assessment will look at your financial means and calculate whether:
The council pays for all of your Care
The council pays for some of your Care and you pay for the rest
You pay for all of your Care

Social Care funding accepted

If you're receiving funding for your Care through your Local Authority and you have a personal budget or have opted for direct payments, X-Spect Care & Attention are able to accept top-ups to these payments. This will give you the flexibility to choose your own Care provider.

You can organise this Care yourself and pay for it directly, topping up the payments if needed.

Direct payments and Personal budgets.

If you are eligible to receive a personal budget, your local council will either:

Manage the budget for you.

Pay the money directly to you or someone you choose, also known as a direct payment.

Pay the money directly to another organisation for example: X-Spect Care & Attention.

Direct payment enables you to choose your Care provider, organise your Care package and pay them directly.
It means you can easily top-up payments if needed.

We accept payments made from your Local Authority on your behalf and also direct payments.

NHS Continuing Healthcare and NHS-funded Nursing Care

To be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, you must be assessed by a team of healthcare professionals. You will be assessed on your needs and how complex your needs are. If you are eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, this will be funded solely by the NHS.

Home Care costs may be paid for privately. X-Spect Care & Attention will provide you with a fully costed individual Care Plan for your needs.